The City of Twin Rivers

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Twin Rivers, New Jersey

11:01 AM Thursday
few clouds
Humdity: 42%
Wind: 3.85 mph

Twin Rivers is a town located in the New Jersey region of the United States. During the most recent census, Twin Rivers had a population of 7,443. Twin Rivers is the 235th most poplulated city in the New Jersey region, the 4,898th most populated city in the United States and the 24,632nd most populated city in the world. Twin Rivers is in the America/New York timezone which is 4 hours behind UTC. Twin Rivers adjusts the hour with daylight savings time during the winter months.

Twin Rivers is located at sea level (34 meters / 112 feet). The closest cities to Twin Rivers are Hightstown (2.8 km / 1.7 miles), Clearbrook Park (5.6 km / 3.5 miles), Cranbury (6.1 km / 3.8 miles), Rossmoor (8.2 km / 5.1 miles) and Whittingham (8.3 km / 5.2 miles)