The City of Livonia

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Livonia, Michigan

3:53 AM Thursday
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Humdity: 73%
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Livonia is a city located in the Michigan region of the United States. During the most recent census, Livonia had a population of 96,942. Livonia is the 10th most poplulated city in the Michigan region, the 320th most populated city in the United States and the 3,696th most populated city in the world. Livonia is in the America/Detroit timezone which is 4 hours behind UTC. Livonia adjusts the hour with daylight savings time during the winter months.

Livonia is located near sea level (195 meters / 640 feet). The closest cities to Livonia are Redford (4.9 km / 3.0 miles), Garden City (5.1 km / 3.2 miles), Westland (6.3 km / 3.9 miles), Dearborn Heights (7.4 km / 4.6 miles) and Inkster (9.0 km / 5.6 miles)